5 Great Promotional Products

February 28, 2017 | Uncategorized | By admin | 0 Comments

Spreading the word about your business and services can be quite the challenge, however, the use of promotional products can help considerably. Many promotional products Tampa FL are available to help you get the word out, but not each will provide the same results as the next. Carefully choosing the promotional products that you use is imperative to your success. There are tons and tons of promotional products that you can easily personalize with your company’s information, however, the five we’ve listed below are among the best.

  1. Ink Pens

It is estimated that an ink pen will reach at least 20 different sets of hands before the end of its life. This means 20 or more people seeing your business name. ink pens are easy to give away in many situation, and an item that everyone needs and wants, especially when it is free. Best of all, ink pens are an affordable promo items!

  1. Matches

Although not as popular as they once were, matches are beneficial to many people and are still very useful. Like the ink pen, matches are very affordable and easy to hand out.

  1. T-Shirts

T-shirts are a fun promotional item that you can use as employee incentives/giveaways, at trade shows, and more. Imprint them with your info, hand them out and watch the magic work before your eyes.

  1. Tote Bags

Tote bags make life easy, so there is little wonder why people love them so much. When your company information is imprinted on the bag, you’ll spread the word when you’re there and when you’re away.

  1. Water Bottles

Another popular promotional item is a water bottle. These bottles are easy to imprint, affordable, and valued by customers and employees alike. The promotional item is also plenty of fun.