How well are you managing your current inventory?

February 28, 2017 | Uncategorized | By admin | 0 Comments

Are you a DIY exponent? Are you a small business owner? Are you carrying out large-scale manufacturing or repair processes as an industrialist or factory shop owner? If you have answered in the affirmative to any one of these questions, then please proceed to the next batch of important questions. How well are you taking care of your current toolkit? Do you know where everything is stored in your shop?

Or are all your tools fully operational, fully optimized, or all in good nick. That is to say, none of your tools are out of order or blunt, mechanized or used by hand. If you have paused for thought and responded negatively to any of these questions then perhaps you need to fully install manufacturing inventory management software on your desktop or somewhere functional in your work or office space. This way, going forward, you can keep a proper check on good housekeeping practices, where all hand held tools are stored, fully risk manage with user-friendly sheets your machines in operation, and/or arrange for repairs well in advance of potential breakdowns.

As a company owner, you are also in a strong position to replenish your machinery when necessary. This is simple to explain. Your integrated software will keep a diary of expiry dates and will alert you well in advance. If you have not responded accordingly, reminders will be sent to your desktop. But of course, the practical procedures are not as simple as that. You need to allow management software specialists to inform you in full how they can integrate their wares to the unique infrastructure and toolkit of your business.

So, have you spoken to your software integrator yet? And how did that first meeting go?